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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mould Design & Manufacture

Numerical Control Technology

Machinery Design & Manufacture

Welding Technology & Automation

Computer-Aided Design & Manufacture

Maintenance & Management of Mechanotronics Equipments


Department of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Testing and Maintaining Technology

Automobile Electronic Technology

Automobile technical service & Marketing

Automobile Manufacture & assembly Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electric Automation Technology

Computer Control Technology

Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Applied Electronics Technology

Electronic Audio & Video Technology

Computer Communication

Microelectronic Technology

Mechanical & Electrical Integration Technology

Mobile Communication Technology

Mechanical & Electrical Integration Technology――the direction of Maintenance of numerical control equipment

Electric Automation Technology―― the direction of automation instrumentation the direction

Department of Architectural Engineering

Intelligent Building Engineering Technology

Architectural Equipment Engineering Technology

Architectural Engineering Technology

Heat Supply, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Engineering Technology

Property Management

Engineering Cost

Architectural Equipment Engineering Technology―― the direction of engineering installation the direction

Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering

Applied Computer Technology

Computer Networks Technology

Computer Information Management――Design & Maintenance of Website the direction

Network System Management

Viewdata Technolog

Software Technology

Department of Art Design

Interior Decoration Design

Design & Production of Animation

Printing Chart Article Information Processing

Industrial Design

Carving Art & Furniture Design


Department of Business Administration

Business Administration


Logistics Management

International Business

Project Management

Marketing and Planning

Accounting & Statistic Calculation

Department of Public Instruction


Practical English

Tourism English